Monday, January 26, 2009

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor...

As Adoro stated in her response to an earlier post, the Corporal Works of Mercy has nothing to do with the linens at Mass. Thank you, Adoro! I would have been completely lost if it not for your comment.

Since Sr. Perpetua came back, she and I talked and she gave me a book from the Monatery library regarding the Corporal Works of Mercy. How little I know about our faith!

The seven practices of charity toward our neighbor, based on Christ’s prophecy of the Last Judgment, that will determine each person’s final destiny:
1) Feed the hungry
2) Give drink to the thirsty
3) Clothe the naked
4) Shelter the homeless
5) Visit the sick
6) Visit those in prison
7) Bury the dead

And Sr. Perpetua has helped to start this in the prison in South America. It sounds an awful like the Beatitudes. I have so much to learn!

Sr. Perpetua - can you teach me?


Sr. Caprice said...

Well, it's nice that you don't have to worry about washing the linens in the river, but still, you're going to catch holy ol' Hell from Father if you haven't gotten that lipstick stain off it!

Sr. Max said...

I already got the stain out ... WHAT'S this???

... did YOU do this???

What's that in your hand?

Sr. Caprice said...

It's a dry erase marker you goofball! Lipstick isn't this big! And besides...I haven't worn it since I was 12 and found out it's made from FISH SCALES!

Sr. Max said...

I think it's time to put on our Dr. Seuss, uhm, I mean Dr. Shirlock Holmes caps. You wanna investigate?

Sr. Perpetua said...

Sr. Caprice, dry erase markers aren't made from fish scales.

And why were you wearing a dry erase marker when you were 12?

Sr. Max, you can't be serious. Sr. Caprice and Sherlock Holmes? Can you IMAGINE? More like the Pink Panther!

Sister Caprice said...

That's NOT what I said. You sure have been mean since you got back from prison!