Friday, January 30, 2009

Vocations Dog and Pony Show!

I was just reading the blog for Fr. Kyle Schnippel in Cincinnati, he's the Vocations Director there, and thanks to him, I have just gotten a COMPLETELY BRILLIANT PLAN!

Here's what he said to give me the idea:

Well, homily ideas for the weekend are always appreciated, too; but I think it is the Vocation Dog and Pony Show, so don't expect too much. 

It seems as though Cincinnati is having a Dog and Pony Show to raise awareness for Vocations.  I'm sure they have a budget and everything, but why can't we do the same thing, but on a smaller scale?  

I love horses and dogs, and around here, there are all KINDS of people who love animals. We don't even have to limit it to dogs and ponies, although maybe that might make it easier. Because if we let in cats and dogs together, the dogs would chase the cats and really upset everything. 

Anyway, I don't know what they do over there, and I might send an email to see how they set up their thing, but here's what I think WE should do:   ask the people in the churches here if they have horses and dogs, and we can maybe get some space at the Fairgrounds, or if not there, maybe one of the local farms will donate their arena.  Then we can have people show their horses and ponies, and that can raise money for the Serra Club and the Seminary and and...the Laboure Society!   Or maybe set up a separate endownment or easement or whatever it's called, for Vocations!   

I LOVE this idea!  Let's get started!  I'm going to see if someone will lend me a horse to show....!


Sr. Perpetua said...

Um. Huh.

Sister Caprice, dear, what do DOGS and PONIES have to do with VOCATIONS?

Sr. Max said...

Sr. Caprice - are you going to have the Dogs & Ponies & Cats & other animals join the Monastery???? I didn't think animals could become Priests, Brothers, Sisters, etc.

Adoro said...
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Sr. Caprice said...

NO, no no! We'll have a SHOW! Show horses, and dogs, have prizes from donations, all that! WE can have children showing their ponies in showmanship, and maybe other competetions, and people showing their dogs for "Best in Show" and all donations will go to charity. So everyone entering will be entering for charity. They pay a fee to enter, and that's their donation. And everyone entering pays a donation. But the prizes won (from all the donations) whatever doesn't go to overhead goes to the foundation we hvent' named.

Then again, our monastery isn't named, either.

Anyway, that's my idea.

It might be nice to have a cat, though. I hear Sr. Perpetua screaming at night and suspect maybe she is seeing rats because she screams about them.

Maybe Mother Frangelico and Father would agree to getting a cat for her.

Sr. Max said...

By the way, have you SEEN Father or Mother lately? I haven't seen the Brothers either. Do you think they left us? Do you think they went back to the secular world and bagged this life? Oh, I mean, left the Relious life to pursue their secular dreams.

And Sr. Perpetua - have you been having nightmares? You have been very loud at night - do you need a night light? Are you afraid of the dark since you've been back from prison?

One thing you can try is blessing your door way, windows, and bed at night before you go to sleep - then asking your patron saint to protect you.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to see if someone will lend me a horse to show....!

Here's a horse - but it's an old grey mare and she aint what she used to be.

Sr. Max said...

Uhm... Sr. Caprice ... isn't that a Lippizzaner Stallion that you have?

Aren't they supposed to be the greatest 'show' horse of all time? Aren't they so much so that they are banned from the Olympics?

WHO in the world gave us a Lippizzaner Stallion???