Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Since Mother Frangelico and Father are NO WHERE to be found, Sr. Perpetua, Sr. Caprice, and I started rehabbing the shed in the back into a make-shift barn. We talked with some of the neighbors in the area and they gave us names and numbers of people that we could contact for hay and feed for the horse. Many offered their services free since we are non-profit and promised we would pray for their intentions. Sr. Caprice actually knows how to handle horses! Who knew??? Seems that Sr. Caprice had family that raised horses and she used to visit them often.

We contacted the Schmidt’s and Mr. Schmidt (Horace) came over with his 3 boys (Harold, Harvey, and Harry) and helped us renovate the shed. Sr. Caprice named the Lippizzaner ‘Lucky Lipps’ (LuLi for short) and has been working with him every day. Sr. Caprice has Luli running through barrels and over hedges. How she stays on him, I don't know. She said he's 21 hands high - but he looks a lot more like 8 feet ... and WHY do you measure horses in 'hands' rather than feet???

Sr. Perpetua has created a design for the yard – where to put the benches, size of the track, fencing, etc. I have been calling companies and businesses to get free advertising for the Dog and Horse show. There will also be a circus in a nearby town that week and I was hoping we could get some advice regarding rodeo clowns. I thought that might be fun for the kids.

Sr. Caprice and Sr. Perpetua will send an update when they can. We’ve all been very busy – by the time we are done with chores and clearing the yard, we are exhausted & usually go straight to bed. Let me tell you, it’s been awfully nice to get away from the BINGO scene! If I hear one more person yelling … BIN…oh! Don’t say it!!!

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