Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All Walks of LIfe

I've remained a bit quiet of late, hoping the Sisters and Brothers would tell their stories. But alas, it's been busy around here of late and the end of the day brings exhaustion - for ALL of us!

Had I known what Father and I were getting into, believe you me I would not have begun this project! We are but a fledgling community and already Sister Caprice has tripped and fallen into a grave, is walking on crutches, we've an ex-witch among us (albeit reformed!), Sr. Maxine has left for North Dakota (likely to come back pale as Sr. Perpetua and shivering from hypothermia, no doubt), Brother Gus is...well...how do you solve a problem like Brother Gus? And Brother Brit...the apple of my eye!

But the Lord is faithful and all we have to do is trust. Right, Father?

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