Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ghost is BACK!

Oh, dear, the ghost is back again, and this time I think he's getting MAD!

This morning I woke up, and I'm still hobbling around on crutches, and it's hard to open doors and the like. And I'm just NOT a "morning person"!

Well, I was fumbling with the door to my cell and as I opened it, right there, before my eyes, stood a life-sized priest! For a moment I thought it was Father, because this guy was wearing a dress...I Father does. And he was just STANDING there, looking down, wearing shades, and I was CERTAIN I was in trouble for something!

And I couldn't help but let out a scream because I was so surprised!

Then I realized it was the large cardboard cutout of that poster, but with just the priest in it, and it had been placed right in front of my door! It's actually a good thing that I'm on crutches because I would have run right into it had I left my cell as I normally do!

And the pictures in the hallway were all gathered around my doorway, and on the opposite side of the hall.

But what I want to know is...why is that cutout, of all things, in front of my door? I know that Father and Mother Frangelico were brining it and some other vocations things in last night for a fair or something they're preparing for, but I saw that cutout go into the guys wing where they have a storage room for such things. It MUST be the ghost that did it! I mean, ghosts can get through walls, maybe they can bring solid objects through walls, too!

During morning prayer, Brother Gus and Sister Maxine kept glancing at me, and both of them were coughing. Sister Perpetua kept rubbing her mouth and nose for some reason, as if she was suppressing a sneeze. I asked her once during Mass if she needed a tissue. And she shook her head and then started coughing really hard.

Oh, dear, I hope everyone isn't getting sick!

Maybe the ghost is making them ill!


Anonymous said...

d e a r y ,
y o u m u s t b e h a l u c i n a t i n g ! S r. M a x i n e i s . . . . g o n e !

Sister Caprice said...


I saw Sr. Maxine! Really! And there's only ONE explanation...she's DEAD! She's in Purgatory! SHE left the cutout!


And that voice that said that she is gone...that's her ghost!

Sr. Maxine, I'm so sorry! I'll pray for you!

MOTHER FRANGELICO! FATHER! We have to pray for Sr. Maxine because she's DEAD!