Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't Worry - Bee Happy

Mo'ber Frangelico let me cobe hobe early. Norb Dakota was okay - not what I exbected. Albough the Sisters and Brubbers were really nice and God was truly working wib bebm, it just wasn't the blace for me. And since I was stung by a bubmble bee and bmy libs are the size of two tennis courts, Mober Frangelico brought me hobe early. I'be been in bed for the last two days.

I tried going to Mass yesterday, but after singing the entrance songb and seeingb myselb drooling, I decided the best plabe for me was in bed. Sister Berbetua was gracious to bring the Holy Eucharist to me the last coubble days. Fbabber and Brubber Gus eben came in abter bey cabe hobe late to see how I wasb.

Albough, I'bm not quite sure about Sister Cabrice. Wheb I webnt to be babroom last night, we saw each ubber in the hallway and she was as white as a ghost! I wobnder what wab going brew her mind? She just kinda stobbed dead in her tracks anbd stared at me like I was brum Mars.

Whob kbnowbs? I'bm just bery glad I'bm hobe. I'll tell ebryobne about the trib later. Ribt bnow I just want to go to bed.


Sister Caprice said...

I KNEW it! I SAID I saw Sr. Max and you all laughed at me!

Sr. Perpetua said...

No, you said you saw her ghost. You did not see her ghost at Mass, you saw her. Get over it.

Sister Caprice said...

But what about the cutout? How'd that get from storage to my door, and why were all the pictures from the hallway in front of my cell? There HAS to be a ghost, even if it's not Sr. Maxine!

Sr. Perpetua said...

Maybe the ghost has a crush on you. Maybe he's a priest who thought he was supposed to get married and you're living in his room. Maybe he was cute and you'd like him.

Who knows? Call an exorcist and let the rest of us get some sleep.

* cough, cough *