Monday, June 9, 2008

Sorry so silent!

Well, I feel better knowing that Sr. Max is alive and well and still among us. And she just looked awful with that bee sting! She has to carry an "Epi pen" with her now, otherwise, if she gets stung, she might DIE! I feel so bad hobbling around on crutches, knowing that I really am fine but Sr. Max could DIE if we're working outside and she gets stung!

Today Father spoke a lot about the Gospel, and being called. And he really emphasized what it means to be called, and that we all are, in some way. He went into great detail about how Jesus called people, and Father even named us, and other people he knows.

We didn't have Mass here at the Monastery...on Sundays we actually go to a local parish, and Father aways has one of the Masses. He was really enthused, and, well, I don't know if it's just me, but Father seems a lot happier now than he did even a month ago. He seemed a little disgruntled before, but he's been smiling more and has just seemed more...content. (Is that a word?)

Anyway, just an observation. Maybe its just the season, all the ordinations and stuff, and the good weather. But he's been full of good advice lately and he hasn't even been cross with me when I've screamed about the spiders or the ghost, and even said he'd come over and bless our wing if the ghost promised not to come back. I don't know why he was looking at Brother Gus when he said that, though.

Well, it's been quiet around here with so many of us "down" and Sr. Perpetua is off brooding as usual. It's nearly impossible to get her to talk. Mother Frangelico and Father have been really busy, and Brother Brit has been working on his application for the Dominicans. He's promised to tell me more about them.

We will be back to posting soon, about our vocation stories and life here at the monastery...and our name! We will be choosing a name!

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Sister Maxine said...

Sr. Cabrice - what IS it wib you & deabf lately? Yes, I may die..actually, Yes, I WILL die - hobefully not tobmorrow.

Shakesbeare wrote - as soon as we are born we start to dig our grave (or something to that effect).

We all will die, eventually. That's how God made us abter the bfall of Adam & Eve. But once we die, make amenbs bor our sins & transgressions, hobefully we can sbend the rest of eternity wib HIM in Heaven! Way cool!

By the way - did you hear Fabber whistling abter dinner? He was whistling my song...Dixie!