Monday, May 26, 2008

All Creatures Small & Smaller

Since I introduced these wonderful worms and spiders to Sr. Caprice, Mother Frangelico requested me to go on a silent weekend. Apparently, Sr. Caprice just doesn't appreciate these tiny creatures like I do. Mother Frangelico gave me 'Opening to God' so I can learn how to pray. Apparently the 'Amens' and 'Allelujias' that I shout out during morning Mass just isn't the way they pray here in these parts.

Sr. Caprice, however, has seen the need to summon me every time she sees a spider or bug in this large Monestary. (When Mother Frangelico & Father are going to decide on a name is beyond me). I had a jarful of spiders that I kept by the window. When Mother Frangelico saw it, she demanded me to let these dear creatures go outside (my words not hers). So obediently, I went out, in the pouring rain, and let them out by a large pine tree.

When I came back in, I met Sr. Perpetua. She seemed a bit interested in what I was doing outside in the rain. When I told her that I love bugs, especially spiders, she kinda smiled (I think - it was difficult to see behind the black lipstick). We decided after dinner, during our free time, we would sneak around the convent looking in all of the nooks & crannies to find some great looking spiders. We found some jumping spiders and daddy long-legs and some creatures that I had never seen before. Unfortunately, I left my entomology books back with my parents in Willacoochie.

However, that's not all we found. We found a secret hallway from the linen closet in the 3rd floor all the way down to the kitchen pantry. We also found another secret doorway into a small hall that led to the boys side. I have a feeling Sr. Perpetua and I found where the so-called ghost came from. (that gives me an idea! I wonder if Sr. Perpetua would help).

Uh-Oh...I hear footsteps. gotta go.


Sister Maxine said...

Is there a red moon out tonight? Or maybe God is mad at us??? Maybe it's my eyes - I have been trying to read that book, Opening to God and in the dark, no less. Are they bloodshot???

Sister Caprice said...

Oh, dear! Your eyes ARE red! I think your allergies are getting worse! I have eye you need some?

See? You're coughing and wiping your eyes again!