Monday, May 12, 2008

A Fresh Idea

The other day I came across an article about a bunch of “womenpriests” . I didn’t really read the article, just looked at the pictures, and I don’t think they’re really priests. Because they just look ticked off all the time, and I don’t think they’re Catholic, either. Because from what I did read of the article, NOTHING they believe matches up with what I know to be true.

Besides…they have TERRIBLE taste in vestments. All the priests I know have good taste. Or at least have people around them with good taste so that they don’t go around celebrating Mass wearing shower curtains or drapes or used paint tarps or something like those women do.

But I was thinking. Father gets to do some really cool things, like walk around on movie sets, and hear confessions (and absolve people!), and of course, to celebrate Mass! And that’s awesome…really! And people really admire priests for lots of good reasons. So, I was thinking, maybe I’m called to the priesthood? I mean, I have better taste than those women and I know what the Church really teaches about a lot of stuff.

Father, can I be a priest, too? I have good taste, I’ll even learn the Latin Mass and have a bunch of really well trained altar servers, and I won’t go around criticizing the Pope and the Bishops, and I won’t be angry all the time. I’m not generally an angry person. So, what do you think? Can you help me discern my call to the priesthood?

I think that's where God is calling me. Not to religious life, but to be a priest...and you know, I'm really EXCITED about this idea!


Mother Frangelico said...

WHAT!? Whatwhatwhat!???????!!!!!!!

I can't even SPEAK right now! Just WAIT until I tell FATHER!

Have you lost your MIND?????!!!!!


Father said...


What kind of women are you letting into the monastery! Is this girl absolutely crazy or what?!?!

Sister Caprice, we need to have a very long talk about the priesthood, about obedience, about not being insane!

The priest is a Living Icon of Christ, who was (and is!) a man! Why can you not grasp this!

Where is Brother Brit, he can answer this question much nicer than I can? Has anyone seen him since I sent him across town?

mother frangelico said...

Excuse me? What kind of women am I letting into the monastery? I seem to remember your signature and approval for Sister Clarice to enter? Hmmm?

Do NOT push this off on Brother Brit. YOU need to have a discussion with the girl, although I suggest you calm down before you do so. And THEN Brother Brit may step in. Don't make him clean up YOUR mess!

sister caprice said...

I don't understand! * sniffle * Why is everybody so mad? Why is everyone yelling? Why is it so bad to be a priest? I thought you'd be HAPPY!

I'll be in the chapel if you want to yell at me there!

Sister Caprice said...

And WHY is everyone calling me "Sister Clarice"? Who is SHE? MY name is "Caprice". Or maybe I should just leave and then you can call me whatever you want, INCLUDING "Dope"!

If it weren't for Brother Brit, I'd have left already!

Mother Frangelico said...

Don't be so dramatic. You know I have arthritis and typing aggravates it!