Friday, May 23, 2008

Sister Max gets Started

Howdie Y'All!
Yes, that is a Southern accent you hear. I'm from Willacoochie, Georgia, a small town just north of Valdosta. My parents work in Valdosta at the local hospital - both are doctors. My dad is a Proctologist and my mom is in Biomed, with Nutrition specialty. I tease them that they see food coming & going! (I have their sense of humor)

Why am I here? Well, you see, my parents are more into science than they are into God. It was my uncle, Uncle Max, short for Maximillian, that gave me the yearn to learn more about God. I am named after my Uncle Max. In fact, we were both born on the same day - August 14th, which is also the feast day of St. Maximillian Kolbe (although he wasn't a Saint when my uncle was born).

Anyway, I used to go to Uncle Max's for vacation during the summers. We would take long walks in the woods and he would show me the insects, bugs, and other 'creepy crawly' things (he's an Entomologist). During our walks he would also tell me about God and his faith. Now, you see, my parents never taught me about any religion or God, they believed that we needed to be earth-friendly and respect all life but that was all. But Uncle Max, knew there was more to life than just earth, sky, creatures, he knew there was a Savior who became like us to save us. He would also tell me all about the Bible Stories and the Popes. My favorite stories are about Daniel, Shadrak, Meshak, and Abednego.

Uncle Max is my dad's brother. He was the black sheep of the family because he became Catholic. However, my dad and Uncle Max are twins so we could never keep them separated, even though my grandfather tried.

So, during college I converted to Catholicism; my Uncle Max said he would be my God Father when I was Baptized & Confirmed. My parents came, but they were not too happy, although they understood, I think. We don't talk about it much - especially since I decided I wanted to become a Nun.

I am also an Entomologist and love bugs and other creepy crawly things! You can see God's sense of humor when He created bugs...especially worms! Did you know that you can cut a worm in half and both halves would live? They will also regrow the parts that were cut. Cool beans! Sr. Caprice - isn't it just wonderful??? Just look at how it squirms in your hand. Want to hold it?

My love of God filled my soul 'til I could just feel like burstin'. I had to do something, so I decided to talk with one of the Sisters at the Church near the University. It was through her and Uncle Max that I decided I had to give my life to God, fully. So, here I am.

Brother Gus - want to go lookin' for spiders in the woods when we get done?


Sister Caprice said...

Uh,, Sister Maxine, I hands are full of these.....BOOKS! Yes, see here, I have to take these books back to the library...they shouldn't have been left here and Mother Frangelico will be cross if I leave them. But that is very interesting about the worm. I didn't know that before.

Well, you and Brother Gus have fun in the woods. I have to finish reading the book Mother gave me...she'll probably have you read it too so I'd better finish it.

Sister Maxine said...

Oy vey! Did you have to read ALL those books? You've got so many!

I can bring you back a spider to keep you company. They make really cool webs...and they keep those pesky little flies away. I know there's some really cool spiders with great markings around this area. Yeah???

Just wait... I'll bring you a really cool one!

Sister Caprice said... THANK YOU! I think the spiders are... * gulp * just fine OUTSIDE where they can spin their webs and the dew catches in it. And then I can look from afar. Afar is good.

Isn't "afar" a great word? I learned it in a book.

Um...I must find Mother she with the books...