Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mysterious Happenings

Last night I kept hearing noises in the hall, but I was tired and thought I was dreaming. Then this morning when we got up, I saw that all the artwork in the hallway was turned up-side down! Even the statues were turned backwards, facing the wall, and I'm not going to tell you how a couple of them had been arranged!

At first Mother started to blame me, but I swore I didn't do it, and she saw that I wasn't strong enough to move the statues at all, so she figured out then that I really was telling the truth.

And at Mass and morning prayer, I had to sit next to Brother Gus, to help him learn how to pray Liturgy of the Hours (he had to look off of my book) but he kept falling asleep, so I had to keep nudging him to keep him from Mother's notice.

But once he SNORED so I quickly started coughing to cover that up. Mother looked at me strangely from the other side of the aisle, but didn't say anything, and Father didn't seem to notice.

I'm still wondering how the pictures and statues had their positions changed. Do we maybe have a ghost?

Before breakfast, I asked Brother Gus if the noises last night had kept him awake...did he hear noises in his hallway, too? He just looked at me strangely and kind of made a choking noise but turned away and started coughing (I guess my cough is catching!), so didn't answer right away. When he did he said, no, he hadn't heard anything at all. So I told him about the pictures and statues in our hallway, and was afraid maybe we had a ghost.

He started coughing again, so I told him maybe he was so tired because he maybe had allergies, so told him I'd go to the infirmary to get him some cough syrup or claritin or something. He told me he was fine, but I do think he has allergies because that time he was wiping his eyes when he stopped coughing. I'll mention Brother Gus's allergies to Mother Frangelico and Father so they can make sure he is able to sleep at night.

And maybe Father will come and bless our wing again so that the ghost will go away.


Mother Frangelico said...

Sister Caprice, I can ASSURE you that there is most certainly NOT a ghost in our wing!

And secondly, THAT'S what was going on this morning. You are NOT to "cover" for Brother any more. If he wants to sleep during Mass and prayer, you will let him sleep and WE will deal with him.

As far as Brother Gus's "allergies", well, I'll make certain he gets what he needs for that!

Sister Caprice said...

But Mother Frangelico, Brother Gus was DROOLING on me!

Anonymous said...

Do we have a practical joker in the house? LOL

But how can this be? It's not April Fool's Day, yet....or is it? On which Calendar??? *grin* LM

Brother Augustine said...

Sister Caprice, Father's making me apologize for keeping you up all night. It wont happen again.