Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sister-Sister Week

Mother Frangelico has been hounding me on finding some Order that I like. None of them have what I want - I want God's family - the Most Holy Trinity. Some Orders have a part of the Trinity, some have Mary, and some I'm not quite sure what they have.

Anyway - I've been searching and searching and searching on the internet (Mother Frangelico let me get on a couple times - but she's right beside me so I can't go to any cool sites *sigh*). I've been getting letters & emails from sisters asking me to come (some I'm not sure if they are sisters because they don't have any religious garb on at all nor any cross or medal). Mother Frangelico said I HAVE to go visit at least one of them. *sigh*

Mother gave me a link to a Convent she thought I might be interested in - Society for our Lady and the Most Holy Trinity. She said not only do they have the Most Holy Trinity, like I want, but they also have Our Holy Mother. I've contacted them and I'm going to visit them. I have to travel all the way to Texas (I think) - at least that's where the Mother House is located. Mother Frangelico is making the plans for me.

Now I have to pack. What do I take? Golf Clubs! I could take my golf clubs - there is a lot of open range in Texas - I bet I could hit those balls really hard! Maybe even hit a snake or two. Do you think I would kill the snake if I hit it with the golf ball? Would I have to go to confession for that - for killing a snake? Even though I really don't like them?

I know - I'll take my bathing suit! There's lots of ocean (well, Gulf, really) by Texas - I think they are located near Houston (??). I could go swimming! Much different than all of this dry, flat land here! Oh to be in the water would feel so good. But what if boys look at me? Do I HAVE to tell them that I am going to be a nun? What if I don't tell them. I have to go to confession for THAT TOO???

Being a nun is NO FUN! No golfing! No bathing suits! What CAN we do????

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Mother Frangelico said...


Sister Maxine! You are going to DISCERN, not to have a vacation!

Or maybe you're on a permanent vacation. Come back from your trip honey, because we're sending you on another one!