Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This place is HUGE!

Wow! You need to check this place out! It is amazing, there's little rooms all over the place, and the yard inside the walls is fantastic, we can play frisbee, have a barbeque, maybe a little football, even soccer if that's your thing.

OH, wait, me? I'm Brother Gus, and just moved in. Well, the Gus is short for Augustine, but you know that takes too long to type out and there's more important things to do, anyway. Besides, 'Augustine' sounds too stuffy, 'Gus' is much more relaxed and stuff.

Anyway, I'm hear to discern the priesthood and am not sure where I'm going. I just got out of college, and still need a job. I met once with the vocation director, he said 'I had issues.' whatever that means, jeesh, stuffy old guy!

Well, I got to get unpacking and Father said I had to be at the early Mass. What time was that again???!!! Man, I hope I can take a nap afterwards!

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Sister Caprice said...

Hi Brother Gus! I'm Sister Caprice...glad to hear you like frisbee and barbecues! I LOVE barbecues and now that the weather is nice I was going to ask Mother Frangelico if we can grill out!