Friday, May 16, 2008


Mother Frangelico suggested a couple posts ago that I go on a Nun Run. I hadn't previously mentioned to her that I used to be in track, and she didn't know that I really LOVE running. I've gotten so out of shape, though. :-(

But someone told us about this one, coming up in October:

Nun Run" on Saturday, October 27th - Visit four women's religious
communities! Join the "Nun Run" on Saturday, October 27th and visit four women's religious communities in the Cleveland Diocese (Sisters of the Holy Spirit,
Ursulines, Carmelites, Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity). From 10:00AM - 4:00PM
you will have the opportunity for prayer, tour, discussion and food.

For more info or to register contact Sr. Lenore Thomas, IHM at Must register by Monday, October 22nd.

That really sounds terrific! To go running with so many wonderful Nuns, but I'm not in shape to be able to run for so many hours. They must all be a long ways apart. It seems to be a sort of race, maybe they all start at the same point, and each convent or monastery or house or whatever is a place to get water and snacks so we can keep running to the next one.

In other cultures around the world, there were people who ran, would race from one village to the next, and whoever got everyone there first won! (I'm not sure how they figured out who won, though.) I imagine this Nun Run must be similar to that.

I'm quite excited, and so happy I have some time until October to train for this! It seems like a big goal, but people run marathons all the time, so I'll just go and look up how they train for it and put myself on a regimen.

Thanks for suggesting this, Mother, and thanks to Anonymous (what an ODD name!) for telling us about that one!

Nuns in Cleveland must do a lot of running. Don't they have transportation there? Oh, well. Maybe it's healthier for them to have to go everywhere on foot.

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