Friday, May 23, 2008

A What?

I'm completely flummoxed, I tell you! Sister Caprice comes running into my office, asking about whether they can wear "habits." And her eyes were just as big as saucers and she nearly dropped a HUGE stack of books she was carrying...and then she DID when her shoe caught on the rug and it all went flying all over the office!

And she was so apologetic I didn't even scold her for dragging her feet again. And I completely forgot to ask WHY IN THE WORLD she was carrying that huge stack anyway? I thought those were the ones from the living area she'd put out for spiritual reading this week?

Anyway, as we picked them all up she asked if we could wear habits, maybe along the lines of a...will you believe THIS...a beekeeper's outfit, with the mesh and the hat and gloves and whole bit!

I asked why, and she mumbled something about bugs and spiders and if it can keep out bees it must be good to keep spiders away, too. And she's also asking for mosquito netting for her room!
Then before I could answer she took off again with that huge stack of books.

What has gotten INTO that girl? A beekeeper's uniform? Mosquito netting? Why, it's not even above 60 degrees yet!

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Padre Steve said...

I love it... flumoxed! Very funny post! Keep smiling and God bless! Padre Steve