Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Ghost!

I woke up this morning, and once again, all the pictures are up-side down in the hallway! And while the statues haven't moved, the pictures DID! They didn't just turn upside down, they switched places!

We should see if Father will let Brother Gus come and watch our hallway at night because he scared the ghost away last time. Or maybe Father would prefer to stay up and keep watch himself, as he wouldn't want to go back on what he said and allow Brother Gus over here at night.

But if Father will just come over and bless our wing again, maybe the ghost will go away! I mentioned it to Sister Max, and she started coughing.

Both her and Brother Gus seem to have the same malady! She was really tired this morning at Mass, too (but at least she didn't drool when she fell asleep!) And I offered to go to the infirmary to get her some claritin or something but she refused, said she doesn't have allergies, but when she finished coughing she was wiping her eyes. So I KNOW she's got allergies, because that's a telltale sign!

And Mother Frangelico and Father spoke with both Brother Gus and Sister Max yesterday and said that their interest in bugs is fascinating, but they aren't allowed to bring them into the monastery. And Mother said that we can't get beekeeper uniforms, although Sister Max liked the idea, too. I'm not sure why she was on board with that, because I thought she liked bugs, but it's nice to have a little solidarity.

You know, I can't figure out why, when I ask these questions Mother Frangelico and Father both just shake their heads and walk away. And they start coughing sometimes, too, and wiping their eyes.

Am I the only one in this place that doesn't have allergies?

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Sister Perpetua said...

You don't need a MAN to find your "ghost". I can take care of that problem with a baseball bat and a bucket of sulferic acid. Do you have any of that here in the custodian's closet?