Monday, May 5, 2008

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters!

Oh my word, I'm so confused! First I had to get an email, and then a google account (whatever that means!) When I was growing up, "google" implied doing something improper! My goodness, what would St. Pius X think about the modern world of the internet?

So...a little about me...I'm Mother Frangelica, the Superior of our little community of discerners, the Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment. We don't wear fact, we barely have any habits at all, which is the problem. So Father and I are drawing together a little community of people who are trying to figure out where God is calling them (and us!) and how to go about finding that darned ringing phone...and there are so many rings! What with itunes and ipods and ringtones and regular rings....and never mind the church bells!

Anyway, Father can explain himself on his own time. For me...I was born in 1942. This is my birthday in fact! (Oh dear, I nearly forgot! I hope I didn't leave the cake burning....!)

So, my mother was Rosie the Riveter...well, she looked like her, anyway, and did the same job, and I think she gave birth to me on the floor of the factory while riveting. I'm a "baby boomer" but please don't associate me with those grey-haired modernists! Yuck! (My hair is rather still a nice shade of Clairol soft brown with highlights of silver...)

What was I saying? Oh, yes.

Well, anyway, we're starting a community here, and have a few others we'll be introducing as we get this site up and running. So please have a little patience. For now, I'll give you a little view of our property, in hopes it will tide you over until we can give you some more info.

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