Wednesday, May 28, 2008


That's IT! Sister Caprice, Sister Maxine, Sister Perpetua, and Brother's over! And I know Father's here now, but this has been LONG overdue! There's something to be said for allowing you, as ADULTS to just settle your own arguments but you have ALL gone too far! Between the sick pranks and the snotty jabs, I have HAD IT! And you should be glad Father isn't around this week or you'd all be out on your ears!

In fact, I've still half-a mind to send you off packing to visit the Brothers and Sisters of St. John in FRANCE and let THEM deal with you!

The question came up...why are you here? Well, let me tell you why you're grow in charity. And every single ONE of you is failing miserably in that department! You've all had opportunity after opportunity to take the high road and instead, you've all tried to sink lower than the last guy!

I will NOT tolerate this behavior in the monastery or anywhere else!

Settle this issue among you NOW or pack your bags! And I'll not hear of it again!

And Father...welcome back. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend, and really glad you haven't been around here the past few days!


Brother Augustine said...

Sorry, Mother, it's just that bugs really freak me out.

Sister Maxine, maybe you can explain to me again why those creapy crawly things fascinate you again?

Mother Frangelico said...

Brother Gus, bugs freak us all out. We're not usually so dramatic about it.

Sister Maxine, keep the bugs OUTSIDE! And furthermore...should you come across bugs inside, or even colonies of them, you are NOT to study them, but rather, move them OUT! Do you understand me?

Sister Maxine said...

Oh, but Mother! Do I have to?
They're just so cool when I can see them doing what they do naturally.

Sorry, Yes, Mother.

Sister Caprice said...

I'm sorry, Mother Frangelico and Sister Max. I'll spend the day in the cemetary. You can all join me if you'd like.

Sister Maxine said...

You still want to be with me - even after I teased you so horridly with the bugs?

Father - I will need to go to Confession - let's set that up.

Mother Frangelico - I will try to do better...and not bring the bugs in the monestary.

Sr. Caprice - if you still want my help, I will help you. Do you still want to do the rubbings? Someone found some great tombstone markings.