Wednesday, May 14, 2008


As I am Mother Superior (I'm not sure what Father's formal title would be in this case...Prior?), it falls on me to be in charge of certain "housekeeping" issues.

Firstly, although we are the Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment, we cannot call our Monastery by the same name. It's boring and inane...and long. We need to name our Monastery.

And so, Father, Sister Caprice, and Brother Brit, I am calling upon you to submit Monastery titles to me. And we can ask our public to do so as well. What do you think defines our way of life here? What are our goals? What spiritual things do we so admire? What type of Monastery name compliments our mission and our discernment?

So...please submit your entries below. We will vote of them as a community.

Secondly, our goal here is DISCERNMENT. Meaning we are discerning SOMETHING. Brother Brit is well on his way and still has to write of his experience with the Dominicans, and I think Sister Caprice can learn from him. But I think we need to be a bit pushier. I realize with all the recent drama she's a bit shell shocked, and quite indecisive, so we're going to aid her in making some sort of choice.

I'm sending her on either a Nun Run or to a Vocations Fair so that she can get some contact with different communities and different Sisters and different ways of life. Father, I know that you've been attending many Vocations fairs and conferences and the like...please take Sister with you on the next one. I'll work on finding a Nun Run for her.

That's all for now. I think small defined steps are more important than many big ones that go nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Why... it's obvoius: the Monestary of St. Perpetua

Anonymous said...

How about St. Raphael?
* one of 7 Archangels who stand before the Lord. Those in discernment are also standing before the Lord.

* Raphael helped Tobiah through his difficulties & taught him how to safely enter marriage with Sarah. Those being discerned are being called to wed Christ (Sisters) and the Mother Church (Priests & Brothers)

* Through St. Raphael's intercession, Tobit was able to see the light of Heaven. We are searching for the Light of Heaven.

* Raphael also means "God heals." We are being called at this time to heal the Church through prayer, our witness, and our faith.

Just my thought... LM

Father said...


We can take these suggestions to our next chapter meeting, plus anymore that come in. Both are excellent suggestions, please keep them coming! (I use up all of my creativity on my Sunday homilies, things like this stump me.)

Chatting last night with Brother Brit, I really encouraged him to write out his story and his experience with the Dominicans. I saw him head to chapel for a while last night, but it was pretty late.

I'm heading out for my 'day job' here shortly, will fill in details at dinner this evening.

Anonymous said...

There's a Nun Run happening in Cleveland:

"Nun Run" on Saturday, October 27th - Visit four women's religious communities!
Join the "Nun Run" on Saturday, October 27th and visit four women's religious communities in the Cleveland Diocese (Sisters of the Holy Spirit, Ursulines, Carmelites, Sisters of the Most Holy Trinity). From 10:00AM - 4:00PM you will have the opportunity for prayer, tour, discussion and food. For more info or to register contact Sr. Lenore Thomas, IHM at Must register by Monday, October 22nd.

Anonymous said...


That's a long run from MN to OH! Better get your runnin' shoes on!

Padre Steve said...

I like the Monastery of St. Perpetua too! How about Our Lady of Perptual Hope?! Just a thought! Padre Steve, SDB

Adoro te Devote said...

OOH! How about - Our Mother of Perpetual Help? (Because you need perpetual help!)


Divine Mercy (goes hand in hand with needing perpetual help)


Monastery of St. Jude, Patron of hopeless cases

Sister Caprice said...

Wow! These are some great suggestions!

Here's mine:

Monastery of the Saints of the Wildflowers

(I couldn't pick just one Saint or just one flower or one title of Our Lady...I just love them ALL!)

Anonymous said...

Monestary of the Saints of Dandelions!

Sister Caprice said...

Oh, that Nun Run sounds like fun, Mother Frangelico! I used to run track and competed in several events. Although I'll have to start training. Good thing the suggested run isn't until October!