Thursday, May 22, 2008

I might as well start packing!

Father is seriously MAD at me! Whew, I haven't heard anyone yell like that since we ran Steve H. up the flagpole by his underwear in high school! My ears are still ringing!

Something about we just moved in, statues are worth alot of money, respect the property, being on the girl's side of the dorm.

Whatever, dude, I was just trying to have a little fun on my first night here. So what that I slept through Mass! It's not like we aren't having one tomorrow. I tried listening to the readings this morning, but I can't understand mother's accent!

That was morning prayer that I slept through? That was so confusing, if Sister Caprice wasn't there I would've been totally lost, as it was I was still only partially lost. Geesh, who came up with that thing anyway? And I'm supposed to get FOUR of those books! I can't make it through one!

Good thing I only half unpacked last night, because I think Father was about this close to kicking my little backside out this morning.

Oh, he made me say: "I promise I will stay out of the women's quarters."

So, sorry Sister Maxine, I'm not allowed to help you move in.


Sister Maxine said...

Never been to morning prayer. Sr. Caprice said something about Divine Office - what is this?

I'm supposed to unpack - but I was unsure what to bring so I have a duffle bag. oy vey!

Brother Gus - Once I get everything out of my duffle bag (shouldn't take long) maybe we can go take a walk around the's huge!

Sister Caprice said...

Sr. Maxine, I'll show you the Divine Office tonight, and I can help you get unpacked and settled and stuff.

Maybe Mother Frangelico will let us barbecue tonight? That was Brother Gus's idea yesterday!

Sister Caprice said...

Oh, Brother Gus, so you were in our quarters last night? Did you see the ghost that turned our pictures upside-down and moved all the statues?

Sister Caprice said...

It's a good thing you were probably scared the ghost away. But Father's right, you shouldn't be in our quarters at night, we can't visit yours, either.

Sister Perpetua said...

Personally, I want to know how Steve H. got run up the flagpole. And how the weather was at the top.

Sounds like something that happened to my brother. He never recovered but he DID become a flag-bearer...