Friday, May 30, 2008

The Sanctification of Priests

As this is a house of discernment, we cannot let the day go by without addressing this very important fact: TODAY is the World Day of Prayer for the sanctification of priests! Father is likely very busy today, but if he has time, he may pop in and have his own wisdom to share.

But just in case he can't, I just want to say a few words about this. We need priests. Pure and simple. And as everyone knows, there have been a series of crises in the priesthood, ranging from priests losing faith, "going over the wall", abuse...all sorts of things. The reality is this; priests are men, but they have been called by God to fulfill a particular purpose for the salvation for all of us. They are our Fathers, they are our brothers, and they carry quite a cross every single day.

If a priest isn't holy, the flock he leads can't be holy, for he is the example and he is the one who stands in for Christ. We've already faced the crisis here with regard to the idea of women in the priesthood. It's impossible, and it's not necessary!

In our day and age all sorts of people, especially feminists, are crying out for an end of priestly celibacy and the admission of women to the priesthood! How ridiculous! We only need to look to the denominations of Christianity that have tried that experiment to see that it doesn't work! They're struggling to find true spiritual leaders, too, and they're all fracturing even further!

People, pray for priests! And ladies...remember your manners and your boundaries! Priests ARE spoken for, they ARE the Church! So pray for them, for there are women out there who don't see Holy Orders as an "obstacle". In college I knew young ladies whose entire goal in life was to rob the seminary...such that other groups of devout young men and women found it necessary to do all they could to protect the young discerning men from such vultures! DON'T BE A VULTURE!

Pray for priests! Offer your rosaries, your Divine Mercies, pray Stations of the Cross, "adopt" a priest especially to pray for, encourage men to consider the priesthood, and do all you can to ensure that it doesn't end today; this is a devotion that should carry on perpetually!

Today we thank God for the great gift of the priesthood...and we pray for many more to be called from our parishes and homes and families.


Christina said...


Father said...

Thanks, Mother.

I pray for our little community every day, of course, and to have the community shaped by praying for each other will help us to overcome the little difficulties that we have had so far and be more closely united with Christ.

I can't tell you how often someone tells me that I have been prayed for by name, and it always lifts my spirits to know that I am never alone.

Sister Caprice said...

So true, Mother Frangelico.

There ARE some really cute priests, though. I have friends who call them "Father Whatawaste"!

I just try not to think of them as cute. Is it a sin to think a priest is cute if you have no intention of having any other thoughts about it? Or do I have to go to confession?

Oh, my! What if the priest I go to confession to is cute? I would DIE! Even if I was behind a screen and knew who the priest was, and that I thought he was cute, would I have to confess specificially that I had thought him cute? That would be really awkward! I mean, "cute" is a pretty simple word. I think rabbts are cute but I don't want to marry them!

Oh dear...I'm going to the chapel to think about something else!