Friday, May 9, 2008

Discernment Begins

Well, Mother Frangelico is taking pot-shots at me, so I figured instead of responding further, perhaps I should tell more of my story.

(And I really hope more discerners join our community quickly so that she will have someone else to pick on!)

Yes, I fled the chapel that day, but I came back, more and more often. And secretly, I was looking up information on religious communities. You should see all the ones I have saved to my "favorites"!

I didn't tell anyone, though, and some mornings I would wake up and think, "No way am I gonig to spend my life getting up this early!" And so I didn't want to be a Sister anymore. And I was relieved. Because then, likely I wasn't called to it.

And then, one evening at the church, a lady I know asked me, right out of nowhere, "Do you think you might have a vocation?"


I told her, " I don't." And I was pretty final about it. And she didn't say any more.

But that night I went home and looked at my favorites list and wondered about it some more. But it didn't appeal to me so I just checked my email and went to sleep.

Does that sound like running away...MOTHER?

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Mother Frangelico said...

Now, that's just rude. Why are you being rude to your mother? I'm beginning to see your problem. You clearly have a problem with obedience and authority.

We'll need to work on that with you. That might help.