Friday, May 16, 2008

Reminder: Monastery Name

Please don't forget that we're still seeking a name for our Monastery. So far we've received the following suggestions:

* St. Perpetua
* Our Mother of Perpetual Hope
* Our Lady of Perpetual Help
* St. Jude
* St. Raphael
* Divine Mercy
* Monastery of the Saints of the Wildflowers (* sigh * What are we to DO with you, Sister? )
* Monastery of the Saints of the Dandelions (My goodness, we have GOT to get out and do some yard work!)

Keep them coming, people! We're going to make a decision on names next week!


Wish I Was There said...

How about these names?

Monastery of Good Providence

God's Providence Monastery

and going out on a limb:

Monastery of I Wish I Knew

Guiding Light Monastery (very Soap Opera-esque)

Anonymous said...

Giles Monestary - of Malignant Growth

Anonymous said...

How about Monestary of Lost Knowledge lol

Mother Frangelico said...

Thank you, dears, for your wonderful suggestions! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Tarnished Halo Monestary

Anonymous said...

Monestary of Furrowed Servants

Anonymous said...

How about
Milquetoast Monestary

Sister Caprice said...

Wow. That anonymous sure does have a lot of ideas! He (or she?) keeps coming back with more suggestions.

That's a strange name, though. "Anonymous". Who would name their child "Anonymous"? Seems insulting. (Sorry Anonymous, I don't mean to make fun of your parents or your name...)

I can't wait till we all sit down and vote on our options!

Christina said...

St Rita de Cascia Cenobitic

Priory de Sancta Philomena et Jude

Gompa de Gregory Thaumaturgus

Monastery of Saint Luchesius.

The Abey of St Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Vihara de Santus Expeditus Vocationus

Perpetius Priory

Wat of Discovery

Hapless Hermitage of Hope

Skete Penuria Sententia