Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh, Dear!

Our happy little home is getting bigger by the day! And we still have a brother yet to join us!

As if Sister Caprice all by herself wasn't enough, we now have Sister Max with her love of bugs, Brother Gus with his pranks, and now, Sister Perpetua, our newest addition, with all her....baggage.

Yet Father and I realized, when we began, the population we'd be serving and seeking to guide...and sure enough, the Lord keeps answering! Father is gone so much so much of the burden falls on me, but given all we have going on I'm going to have to ask him to be more invested here!

Sister Perpetua...there's a story!

You'll get to know her as time goes on, and I pray the others will draw her out. She wears nothing but black, even her nails are painted black and I'm going to have to confiscate her black lipstick and eye shadow! Only the Lord knows what color her hair REALLY is...He's the only one ever to have seen it! That black dye simply makes her look like a corpse, so I suspect she's really an Irish redhead! Even she doesn't know!

I've never met anyone quite like her. Pierced, tattooed, gothic...?

Really, we wouldn't have taken her but a dear friend of mine called me and asked me to offer her a space and a place to go. She gave me some history, all the communities she's visited, all the places she's been. This young lady needs a home, and she needs guidance. She's not a criminal, exactly, so they can't just send her to the county. I agreed...and I sense Father is going to have a HUGE problem with this! But we can't turn the poor soul away...

Pray for us!

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