Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What hath we wrought?

What a wonderful and crazy weekend, and the week has started off with a bang.

First the weekend. I was out on Saturday for an ordination of a priest whom I got to know even before he went to the seminary. I like to think that I helped him in his discernment a little bit way back when. I'll fill in more details later this week.

Then Sunday. The high of seeing a new priest ordained was quickly disturbed by Sister Maxine. (Brother Gus, please refrain from name calling of your sisters!) I wondered what got her going, so.

What got me going, you ask? Well, there is such a great connection between the priesthood and the Eucharist, that to celebrate an ordination on this weekend kinda got me juiced up. Mother Frangelico ribbed me pretty hard about 25 minutes, but I just got on a role and all the homilies I've ever given on the topic just came back to me in a moment of inspiration.

Like Sister Caprice mentioned, we do have a cemetary in dire need of repair. It seemed like a good progect for the girl to work on, so she's been spending time out there cleaning and pulling weeds and stuff. A little manual labor never hurt a discerner; makes one appreciate the value of work and those who do sweat for a living.

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Mother Frangelico said...

Well, Father, I'm always glad to see you in such high spirits! Will you be around more now, or are there more ordinations to attend? If so, please (please please please!) bring Brother Gus with you, and perhaps Sister Caprice so she can get a true sense of what it means?

And Sister Caprice has been doing a fabulous job on the cemetary. She's also told me she was saying a "Hail Mary" or some other prayer for every weed she's pulled, for the souls buried there!

Do you think she might be Benedictine?