Monday, May 12, 2008

Damage Control

Tonight, Sister Caprice is spending extra time in the Chapel.

Formally, we here at the Monastery of Perpetual Discernment, do not recognize priestesses or a female priesthood. All that we do and all for which we strive is faithful to the Magisterium and to the Apostolic Tradtion, and to Holy Scripture, wherin there is NO EVIDENCE that there has EVER been a Sacrament of Holy Orders for women. Including a Deaconate.

For further information, please check out the book by Sister Sarah Butler, available at, and likely your local library. It's not like the truth is a secret. The only reason people dissent against the truth is because they are idiots who have been taught to "think" by idiots who consider themselves "enlightened." Don't be an idiot.

Read the truth for yourself. And help us educate Sister Caprice. She means well...she just isn't very well...uh... *ahem * ... educated.


Father said...


We will have to work extra hard to form Sister Caprice after this little affair.

However, I found a great explanation of the all male priesthood online here:

What are we going to do with that girl?

Mother Frangelico said...

That IS a wonderful explanation, Father.

Yes, we'll have to work very hard. But you know, I don't think she's trying to be disobedient. Do you know that her sister is Maryann McGronk, of "Spirit of Vatican II"? Her sister went off and got "ordained" on the Danube or the Red River or some such thing. Sister Caprice doesn't actually think her own sister is a priest, but clearly that connection has confused her further. It's good that she's here...the girl is NOT from a healthy family. I think a bit of education can go a long way with this one.

Anonymous said...

What's sad is that Sr. Caprice is not the only one! My mom just came from Boston & went to a talk given by a Sister who teaches at Wesley University, very prestigious university. She did not want to be called 'Sister' and ditzed the Church's teachings on Priesthood, the Pope, and many other things.

It was only through the Holy Spirit that she was able to defend the Church against her. What is worse is that this talk was supposed to be on prayer...which they never did get to.

Evil has infiltrated the Church, our Catholic universities, and many of the religious orders. We have to be very careful to ensure that WE know what the Church teaches - the Teachings & Traditions - and pass this along to our children, grandchildren, friends, and others.


Cathy_of_Alex said...

What kind of a dope would think, even for a moment that Holy Orders means women?!? :-)

I suppose someone who was too lazy to read the Catachism.

Anyway, can someone please discuss how you can differentiate between the Voice of God and the usual voices in your head? Some of us take medication but then would the meds also block out the Voice of God? I would think: "no way" but for the shizos this is a serious question.

Or, is it all irrelevant since someone on schizophrenic medication would probably not be admitted to an Order anyway?

Help, I'm so confused!

Did you say something? Hello? Hellooo???

Mother Frangelico said...

"Catechism", sweetheart.

And you're right. Although I do think you need to take a few more of the blue ones and a few less of the red ones. Talk to your doctor first, though.