Monday, May 12, 2008

Ordinary Time

Ho Hum, is anyone with me that this is just a blah day in the Church's year?

We've celebrated the Spirit for 50 days, basking in the glory of Easter and the culmination of the great Feast of Pentecost.

Now what? Ordinary Time? What's that?!?!

Nothing particular to celebrate, nothing great to anticipate, just the ho-hum rythum of daily life. 'Nothing to see here, move along!'

I guess we toil away until the Lord comes again.


Anonymous said...

What? He left???? When's he coming back?

sister caprice said...

Well...where did He go?

sister caprice said...

And why is everything green?

Father said...


Oh, the vestments and the very nice banners we've borrowed from the Spirit of Vatican II 'Catholic' Faith community until we get our own?

I remember something along these lines from my seminary days (DREADFUL!): the green is a reminder that faith grows in the silence of the heart, in the long slow summer, in the toil of daily labor. We start to hear the call of the Lord in moving through the routine, and slowly the Call blossoms as the spring turns to summer.

Sister Caprice said...

Oh. I KNEW they came from somewhere bad. They're really ugly. (Sorry, Father.) When can we get our own stuff for the chapel?

At least we have a wonderful statue of Mary and Jesus.

Oh, and that they taught you in the trite is THAT!?

Mother Frangelico said...

Sister, try not to offend Father's taste, even it if it IS bad. Beggars can't be choosers. If we had the ability to get something better, we would.

Father, you and I can speak later about the chapel decorations...why don't you leave that to me? You have more important things to attend to...such as Sister Caprice's religious formation. And possibly Confession.

Brother Brit said...


I was at the Religious Goods store today, after leaving the Dominicans, I had to get something new for the chapel, as those banners are HIDEOUS!

Well, my next question is how much we have in the budget, cause I can spend it all, if I have to! (Either that, or be quick when the Dominicans aren't looking!)

Sister Caprice said...

Can I go shopping with Brother Brit? Please? I'd hate to steal from the Dominicans...I really like the Dominicans.

Brother Brit...does your Dominican community have a "Sister" community, too?